Friday, January 24, 2014

Witch Costumes

*Note to readers* I started this post 2 years ago.  I am publishing it today to get it out there.  I might come back and finish it or I may just move on....

We were given two tickets to the last Harry Potter movie for opening day.  Of course we HAAAAD to dress up. 

I spent the most time on the vest, maybe 6 hours.  I wanted to keep the cost to nothing so I used fabric I had on hand.  If I had the time and means I would have done the green, crushed velvet hat and robe Professor McGonongall wears.

Bean Cages

Continuing with the re-use of political signs . . .

I needed bean cages.  I took the wire stakes from the political signs and turned them into spider webs!

We have very little means and I've already spent too much making my garden this year.  I told myself that I wan't going to spend another penny on the garden and anything I needed now had to be created by us.  The wire stakes weren't much help as they are so I needed to do some sort of net thing, but it needed to be fancier than just string them together.

I've made a few dream catchers in my day and knew that would make some pretty fancy bean cages.  I took a spool of kite string and went to work. 

The garden should be a lot more mature now but I had a rabbit that kept every tasty plant mowed down until about two weeks ago.  I have had to re-plant most of it.  What happened to the giant french lop bunny?  Well after weeks and weeks of building and re-building his enclosure; feeding him every scrap of vegetable matter in my kitchen; and sacrificing my first garden at my new home to Severus Snape Rabbit . . . It all proved too much for him.  He is now happily destroying God's vegetable garden in the sky.