Monday, February 28, 2011

What Started it All

My obsession with making stuff started when I was a kid.  I was that odd child walking around the playground with the skein of yarn under my arm knitting a  rope with my fingers.  That, or I was running around with a gang of boys as their secret pinching weapon.  It was my nimble fingers. 

The above picture is a temari ball.  I learned how to make these just after I got married.  We were young and didn't have a bed so we slept on an air matress.  Well, in the process of making a Japanese thread ball I use a lot of pins.  I mistook the bed for a pincussion.  After blowing the mattress up every night for the next 3 months we finally got a bed.

The more amazing temari balls have been given as gifts . . . before I cared to take pictures.

I'm in the practice and research phase of my bloggin development.  I have found some really great blogs to follow along the way. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Start a Blog?

I've been looking for a way to show the world all the fun stuff I can do.  I hope to get some commissions, a book deal and maybe my own TV show.  Bring on the offers!  This was a dog house I made for our giant french lop rabbit Severus.  It is made from 100% reclaimed materials.  2X4s from the swing set we tore down when we moved in, 15 political signs from the campaign I worked on last year and "oops" paint I bought.  The paint I've used on lots of projects now. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day one, post 1

New adventure!  Stay tuned for the most interesting content EVER!