Monday, March 21, 2011

My Rugs

Reflections on my mother
My mom loves to go into fabric stores.  Not the big national chains; she likes the little mom and pop shops.  The only drawback is that mom feels she has to buy something every time she visits one of these shops.  She thinks that by buying something she is saying “thank you” to the owners for their cute shop and to support their business at the same time.  The only exception is when they have perfumed their shop with candles or oils, then she walks right out. 
What does all this have to do with rugs?  EVERYTHING!  My mom bought a rug loom at one of these cute little shops.  We were visiting one summer and she asked me to finish up a rug she started (and by started I mean barely started).  I read the instruction and had the 18X30” rug done in no time.  It turned out pretty cute. 

This is the one I made after we got home and ended up bending the loom so bad that it is pretty much worthless.  I have the instructions to make a new loom but I found something better.  This rug is several years old and has been very abused.  Now it is in my laundry room.

I love sarongs.  I wear them all summer long.  I love all the colors, patterns and fabrics.  They wear out after a summer or two but I can’t throw them away!  While looking through my fabric stashes for my next project, I happened upon my collection of sarongs.  PERFECT!  So many great summers made into one rug.  I decided to crochet strips of the sarongs together.  It made a great, thick, floppy rug.  I’m having a hard time finding a home for it in my house, but I love it!!  Okay, okay, it wasn’t my favorite rug.

 I decided to commit to braided rugs.  The country feel appeals to me on so many levels.  I made this large circle.  It has become my dog’s “spot” in front of the door.  She has to sit and stay on that rug anytime there is action at the door.  Cute little 40lb puppy thinks everyone comes to see her.
When it was done I put it on Etsy to see if anyone would buy it.  By some miracle a woman from Pennsylvania saw it and asked if I could make one out of baling twine; the stuff they tie bales of hay with (I had to Google it to make sure I knew what she was asking for).  She bought one from the Amish and after 20 years it finally disintegrated.  I jumped at the chance and charged her $125.  It turned out so amazing.  The mat took a good 100 hours to make and my hands were crippled for a couple of weeks but I will make another one or five.

 I’m writing all this because I just finished my latest rug.  Isn’t it pretty.