Friday, June 10, 2011

The Wedding Dress

A dear friend called and asked if I would make her daughter's wedding dress.  They paid me, She wanted to pay more, but . . . 
The honor is mine.
I'm only sorry she was stuck with an amateur like me.
She deserves a professional.

They came to my house with a drawing and a dream, literally.  In October the bride had a dream of her wedding.  When she woke up she sketched the dress.  A few months later she meets the man destined to be hers and I get to make the dress her subconscious designed. 

The satin is slightly textured.  The “right side” of the fabric is shiny.  She chose the matt “wrong side”.  It was perfect.

The folded ribbon was made just for the dress.  The skirt was a lengthened version of the skirt in the pattern (she wanted the fun, full skirt rather than the A-line of the original drawing).  The bodice was pretty much custom made.  The sleeves (“capped please”) were tricky but I made it work after a couple of tries. The zipper was done 4 times before I had to say “that is the best I can do.”

The simplicity of the dress dictated the sash.  She is a vibrant girl who has chosen a bright, multicolored theme for her wedding.  The beautiful blue lace will compliment the yellow converse she will be wearing on her feet.

I had so much fun making the garter.  I wanted to make the bow out of the lace but it wouldn’t lay right.  I made a strip of the lace for color and made the bow out of some pretty ribbon I always have on hand.  Again, the theme here was simple, but beautiful.

Her Bridals were taken recently  by a very talented photographer.  Her website is  As it turns out, her photographer is someone I did sewing for also.  She had 3 flower girl dresses made, 2 bridesmaid dresses altered, wedding dress hemmed, and a pair of trousers turned into shorts for the little nephew.  She hired a professional to make matching ties for all the men.  It was a fun and beautiful wedding.  The following photograph was taken by Ashley.  I only take credit for sewing the dress.  The majesty of the picture is all the bride and photographer.

If I had it to do over. 
I would have bought the dress form at the very beginning rather than at the end; it would have helped with the sleeves.  Thankfully I now have it for future commissions. 

There is a seam down the front of the skirt.  I will forever regret that.

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